Party with a Bedouin Tent

Looking for deco tips to help plan the ultimate birthday party?

Planning a party can be a daunting task.  It’s hard to find the starting point and then stay on track.  Parties can also be quite expensive if you do not plan them right.  So let’s start at the beginning and set yourself a budget.  This will dictate the type of event you will host.  Just remember, its your special night so make it count!

Why not check out our super special tips to help you plan an unforgettable event in no time but that will not kill your bank account.  

Photo Booths

Getting a happy snap of your friends at a memorable party is all the rage at the moment and it’s understandable why.  Taking home a little momento of the night with your friends adds such a special touch to a party. 

Usually fuelled by drinks and partying, your guests will find themselves fascinated by the photo booth and what it has to offer.   Guaranteed to get more and more popular as the night progresses.  I reckon the photos get funnier too.

What’s more, dress up options and funky signs can add that little bit of fun and festivities to the night. 

Drink Stations 

Providing a central bar is always an important part of planning a party but adding a little touch of fun can leave a lasting impression with your friends.  Why not try jello shots, creative cocktails and a water station with minted or lemon flavoured water.

Providing drink options for your guest will elevate the party mood and get your friends into the mood for a big night out.  

Mobile Music System

Getting a rental sound system installed for your party can add some unwanted stress and headache.  What more, they can be very expensive and hard work to install.  From ugly and dangerous power boards to power cord covers, these can be a nightmare if you are having an outdoor party. 

So why not take advantage of some great mobile sound systems that run off battery power or solar.  That way, your music system moves wherever you go and makes the night a whole lot easier.  The bonus is that the install and dismantle then is stress free also.

Funky Lights

Adding to the ambiance can transform a party from ordinary to extraordinary.  So why not think of unique and funky lighting options like our festoon lights or morrocan tea lights on the tables and bars.

Even better, why not rent one of our luminated bars for your party…. its eye popping and funky!

For more handy lighting hints and options, why not check out our handy lighting tips here

Food prep

Catering for a party is such an important component of a party.  Getting the right food, will set the tone for the rest of the party so why not make it simple, colourful and varied.  Think of the time of day of your party and ensure you have some nibbles, snacks, dips, chips and hot food.  Grazing is always a must when you are at a party, drinking and dancing so make sure you plan it right.  Just remember don’t make it hard on yourself and your helpers by expecting to serve loads of hot food.  

Why not showcase your food art on a buffet table, positioned right next to the bar to encourage your guests to line the stomach.

Theme your party

We all have fond memories of theme parties; whether its a 70s disco, halloween party, super heros or a bedouin party, so why not make yours a unique themed party.  Whether it’s a time of your life that reminded you of your youth or your favourite dance hits, Pick something that has a meaning to you.

The theme then will be carried through the whole party planning process so that you select items that symbolise that time.

Whatever your party needs are, make sure you visit stores like BigW, Kmart and speciality stores for some cheap deco ideas.

Party shops and rental places are great to source bulk party items.

Need some help? Why not speak to our specialised event planners for loads of party tips and tricks.  From marquees to table, bars and lighting options, we have so many options that will suit your party needs. 

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