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Get some top tips for lights at your party

There is no denying that using event lights play a crucial role at any party.  We all love the probe lights that flash and project to illuminate the dance floor; or how about flickering candles to create a soft and romantic ambiance.  Lights can transform your party from plain and ordinary to extraordinary and fun.

It would be hard to imagine not having a spotlight on a stage to turn your guests attention to the performers, MC or bridal table, or perhaps it is the food smorgasbord.

Bedouin Tents have an array of lights and accessories and we are always looking to add more gadgets and options that are unique and contemporary that will make events stand out from the crowd.

So what should you consider when planning to add lights to a party or event.

  1. Consider what mood and colour theme do you want to create
  2. Access to power to plug in your lighting equipment
  3. What equipment will I need for my party?

Different Lighting Options

Illuminated Inflatable WallUplighting

Lights that project on walls, pictures or softly light the boundaries at a party can
*’add warmth and depth’ to an party or event. This type of lighting adds layers to your event space. A warm white is the most commonly used colour but don’t discard the options to use different colours to transform your party.

Texture Lighting

Why not consider taking your event to the next level with some projected and probe lighting on the dance floor.  It is a sure way to add to the party atmosphere get the guests hyped up for a night of dancing.


Using focused lighting helps to draw attention and highlight an MC, cake table or centrepiece so that they become the focal point.  This type of lighting creates a more sophisticated and elegant feel to events

21st birthday marquee hireTable Lighting

With so many battery powered options to create warmth and colour to the room, these are a must for adding ambiance and mystic to your event.

It highlights centrepieces and softens the feel in a room.

Why not try using candle lighting and lanterns to add romance at at a wedding or formal dinner event.

Fairy Lights

Twinkling lights and soft lighting adds an air of mystique, romance and a load of ambiance.

Lighting companies are a good source for heavy duty lighting but if you’re looking for easy and inclusive solutions, why not check out the vast variety of tent, lighting and accessory options.

Bedouin Theming

*quote from Superlativeevents.com

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