Get Our Top 5 Tips to Create A Memorable Outdoor Event

There is nothing like a highly charged and energised group of friends and family! Whether you are planning a party or special family event, we all know how important it is to add atmosphere. Creating that energy and buzz that makes an event so special is what we all aim for when hosting an outdoor party.

To get the right balance, there needs to be a lot of thought and careful planning.  Whether it is creating an elegant and memorable wedding or celebrating a 21st birthday, it’s always good to start with a clear idea on what you need to bring your vision to reality.

So let’s break it down for you! Here is our top 5 tips for creating a memorable event that will leave a lasting impression with your guests.

1. Set a Unique Theme

Start by choosing a theme for your event. With so many fun and unique ideas, you can be as crazy as you like. How about organising a 60s themed party, a moroccan bedouin party, a colour themed event or an elegant cocktail party. Whatever the event, deciding on the style is an important decision and will set the tone for the event. For example what our guests need when preparing a wedding will be different from a customer who is planning to celebrate a milestone birthday.

2. Choose a Venue To Suit

Choosing the right venue is much like beginning with a blank canvas for your event. You will need to decide on an indoor or outdoor venue which matches your event theme.

There is so many different options from gardens, beaches, hotels, country houses, party hire rooms and club houses to name a few. Thinking about the time of year that your event will be held is essential. Outdoor winter events can be absolutely mind blowing but require different ideas and planning to create a cosy atmosphere for your guests than events held in summer.

Why not try one of our majestic stretch tents in ruby red or elegant beige to act as your unique event canvas. We have a full size guide to assist you choose the perfect size. 

3. Don’t Forget Some Ambiance Lights

Adding lights to your freeform stretch tent or venue will set the scene and ambience for your event. Whether it is strobe lights to hype up your guest and add the party feel or soft lights and candles to create an elegance at a wedding, it pays to be creative. Why not try projecting imagery onto the walls or marquee (like one of our guests did here) to add an interesting feature to your event. You could even try our inflatables which can be illuminated and strategically placed around the venue as a unique element. The choices for lighting are endless!

4. Consider Flooring

Whether you are transporting your guests to a Bedouin Tent wonderland in an outdoor setting; to a garden party Bar Mitzvah, flooring can create a serene feel for your guests. There are so many flooring options from rugs to click flooring options in our range to choose from. We have a great range of flooring options to suit all sorts of event needs so speak to us about the options available for renting.

5. Finding furniture to match your theme

Finding elegant tables with covered chairs brings an air of sophistication to a wedding whereas bar tables are perfect for a cocktail party. Using a Bedouin tent and accessorising with moroccan poofas scattered around moroccan tables will create an unforgettable Arabian vibe. Being imaginative and creative is key….. A good source of ideas is Pinterest with so many wonderful examples of event ideas.

Why not try our luminous bar and table furniture? Guaranteed to impress and dazzle your guests. 

Topping tables with flowers, candles, vases or pots of plants can fine tune and complement your theme perfectly. And don’t forget to add heaters and fans if you are organising an event that are subject to the elements.

Now that should get the creative juices flowing. So start planning your next themed event and accessorise your structure or venue for an unforgettable experience.

Need help? We have experienced event planners who can point you in the right direction and assist you with all your event and party needs. Call us today and get started on creating your wonderland.

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