Large Wedding Tent with Fairy Lights


Weddings are all about celebrating in an atmosphere of sophistication, elegance and style. Whether you decide on an intimate small gathering of close friends and family or a big catering event with all the whistles and bells, the ambiance of an outdoor setting is unbeatable. There is something romantic about featuring the outdoors as a part of your special day from the filtered lighting coming through the trees to the fairy lights reflecting on the leaves and flowers. But there is so much to consider before you make the decision to celebrate love as nature intended.
So let’s help break it down for you…


Knowing what is suitable for the space you are looking at, whether the wedding is being held in a backyard setting or in a large open area, is key to building a good base for your event.

Think about the options to peg or if that is not available, what can be used to secure your marquee down. If it is a public park or outdoor venue, there may be restrictions or permits that may be required. Start researching these restrictions as soon as possible as some may require additional costing. Some venues don’t allow pegging or are positioned on a concrete flooring so you need to consider weight options.

Killara Backyard Wedding

A good example that comes to mind is a recent event at MONA in Tasmania where we set up the tent onsite on a tennis court so we had to factor into the design and architecture the use of large block weights. The marquee was super secure and could withstand the winds and elements on the day.  Total effect…. stunning!


Once you have the complexities mapped out and considered, it’s time to consider the size of your event. How many people are you planning to invite, what space do you need for dance floor, tables and chairs, dj box or projectors. The space requirements need to be factored into the chosen size of your Marquee. Check out our blog article on recommended sizing of your tent.

Consider the theme and the time of year you are planning your event. If you are getting married in winter, then consider adding extra square metre age to allow for sides down. Here are a few configurations that you may want to consider.

Bedouin Stretch Tents Sizing Guide

Bedouin Stretch Tents Sizing Guide


So once you have the essentials locked in, we can now get into the fun stuff. Arm yourself with your imagination, vision and your dreams and start thinking about the accents, decorations and catering needs.

Think about your access to power for DJ stand and equipment, heating, lights and any other power requirements. 

Think about not only adding decorations to the inside of your tent, consider fairy lights or outdoor ambiance. Bedouin Tents has an array of accessories and decor that you can choose from and can be packaged in with the tent rental.  We can even get our experienced installers to add the accessories to your tent.  

Whatever your needs, we have the right outdoor tent and decor to transform your events and create a memorable wedding or event.  Call us today and get a free quote.


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