What Size Tent Do I Need

What Size Tent Do I Need?

Who said that size does not matter?  It certainly does when you are referring to events using freeform stretch marquees.  Considering all the space you may need inside the tent for dance floors, lighting, decor, tables and chairs helps to ensure that you have created the look you want.

So where do you start?

Its all about the balance of cosy and space.  Determining how much is too much space or too little will be the essence of the vibe your event wants to portray.  The use of stretch tents are so great for modular and versatile designs but you need to consider the extra space required for the other elements of your event.

What set up style?

There is also so many different configurations that will determine the feel of your event.  For example, sides down marquees create a cozy ambiance that works great at weddings and special events.  It makes the venue exclusive and elegant.  Whereas an open tent, is inviting and invites the outdoors into the tent.


If you have never used a stretch tent before, choosing the right size tent can be very daunting.

There is so much to consider from formal sit down dinners to stand up cocktail parties to cinema style seating, how do you know what space per person is needed for your event. Deciding what type of event you are hosting will be a crucial part of planning your space.

The second thing that you need to lock down is how many guests you want to invite to your event.

These factors will then be a good indication of what space is needed per person for the freeform stretch marquee.  Please see the below chart showing the space guides for event spacing.

Then comes the extras

We now have a base for the minimum space our structure needs to be.  We now have to add the extra dimensions such as dance floors, buffet tables, lounging area or DJ booth to the space.  This will make certain that we have added sufficient space for the vibe inside the majestic tent.

The best way to do this , is to draw out your event layout and map out sizing.  Measure the space you have at your location ie/ park, backyard or location of the event.  Ensure that you have enough space for guide ropes, weights and an entrance.  Usually we recommend that you add 10 -15% for the installation space  around the tent for the ropes and pegs that hold the tent up.

You now have a great framework and space for your event, perfectly planned to suit your special event.

Get planning now and ensure your special event is remembered!

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