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When put in charge of organising the work Christmas party, we are being tasked with a very important job for our business… It’s the much anticipated event of the year!  We have been ordered to find a way to reward all the staff for their contribution to the business over the year.  Not only that but we have the added pressure of trying to create something different, fun and inspirational.  A special thank you to the staff but a promise of better results in the new year…. Are you feeling nervous yet? I am that’s for sure.

We have worked with many event planners and corporate marketers with great results.  Using design and theme ideas, we have built Christmas parties at locations all over Australia that work with a particular style and need.  Using our large range of rental tents and decor, we can add that personal touch that makes a real difference.

So we certainly understand the challenges that you can face and are here to help you with a special guide to layout the framework of your Christmas party event with some different themes to set the mood for this years big event.

Piccolo pods in many different coloursBefore you begin to flesh out the details of the Corporate Christmas Party, there is 2 things that need to be outlined:

The Budget

Understanding what the company has put aside to cover this event will determine which direction you will take the event.  It will determine the rest of the event layout, style and design.

The Invitees

Your management team will have some ideas on who they want to include in the Christmas party festivities.  Is it only the staff? Or will this include their families? Will there be kids involved? Or will you be inviting clients, suppliers or investors? Considering who you will be inviting as well a rough estimate of attendees to the Corporate Christmas party will determine what can and can’t be done.

These 2 factors will then allow you to compute how much budget you have per head for the event.  It will create the style/ theme of the event such as if Santa will be required, will a DJ suit or do you require a formal setting.

These will help to get the crucial beginnings mapped out and set the scene to help you bring the Christmas spirit to the event!

Below are 5 ideas that will help to inspire and design your Corporate event this year.

1. Team Building

Choosing activities mixed with social flair for a corporate Christmas Party can be the perfect way to allow hard working staff to relax and unwind whilst enjoying some fun engagements with their peers.  Try for a unique setting in a park, backyard bbq or an activity such as go-carting or lawn bowls.  Well suited to match smaller budgets and intimate staff numbers.

2. Staff Retreat

Whilst retreats can be a really lovely staff getaway and a great chance to enjoy and get to know the team, it also requires a larger budget. Who can resist the option to get away from the hustle and bustle of life with family and work colleagues to enjoy some yoga, sports or massages.  Why not incorporate a wine tasting tour or dinner at a fine dining restaurant close to the venue so staff do not need to worry about getting home after the event?

Illuminated inflatable stars

3. Cocktail Christmas Party

This is not for the faint hearted! Larger numbers of staff can make these black tie and gala Christmas events a very enjoyable and memorable affair on any corporate calendar.  These events can be so much fun; from organising the DJ, band to flooring and decor for the venue of choice.   Your staff and guests are guaranteed to be WOW for months afterwards.

4. Family Fun Day

Inviting the whole clan to a corporate Christmas party is a fabulous way to show your appreciation to the staff and their families, especially for the hard work and long hours they have put into the business over the year. You can have so much fun planning a family corporate Christmas party.  Why not add some kids entertainment such as a clown, jumping castle, face painting and a visit from Santa.  How about show bags, tapas/ street food, balloons and games to enjoy!

5. Unique experiences

Creating a unique and intimate experience for a smaller staff group can be so memorable.  This can involve a bridge climbing experience, hot air ballooning or a harbour cruise.  Small and very special is the aim of these events.  There is so many very different adventures that will show the staff a good time and appreciation of their hard work and efforts over the year.

These ideas have only touched the surface of all the fun and excitement you can create at a corporate Christmas Party. But if you are still feel overwhelmed or need to get some tents or party accessories, why not call our very experienced and friendly event planners. We can help with some great ideas and unique designs that will show the staff how much you appreciate their amazing hard work and efforts over the year.

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