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6 Top Event Trends For 2019

Last year was all about colour and pop. There was reds, yellows and greens everywhere. The bolder you made your event space, the better. Showy as it was, the aim was to grab attention and as much of it as you can!

Along with these vibrant colours, you had the latest and greatest technology for interacting with your customers. Whether it was a large conference event or a product promotion, online videos and interactive stations were so popular with exhibitors.

So what can you expect from events this year? What trends will you be seeing around the place?

1. State of the art technology

These gadgets and fancy interactive apps are still so big in 2019. Facial recognition apps, live 360 degree videos and gaming will be even more popularthis year. The more techno savvy your event is, the better. The key is therefore to find unique and interactive software to market to your customers.

With so much awesome technology to choose from, stick to one that will make you outshine and throw everything you have at it.

2. Food Stations

With celebrities such as Jamie Oliver plastering their recipes and goodies in shopping centres and magazines, it has started a new crazy for grazing tables!  Find the brightest, fresh food and present it on a big cutting board or grazing tray.  Try cheese displays, a large tower of macaroons or what about a taco truck? 

Feasting through your senses is all 2019.  Whether its about food or flower arrangements… delight the senses!


3. Environmentally Friendly

With the environment being a hot topic over the last few years, 2019 is all about being aware of your footprint on the environment.  So when you are planning your events, look for recyclable and environmentally friendly options for your events.  Choose bamboo straws over plastic, reusable bottles instead of plastics, paper instead of plastic. 




4. Fashion Statements

It’s no secret that the best styling tips can be found in fashion and home magazines.  It’s the perfect place to scan and take notes on the latest design trends and event tips.  Be creative and look for centrepieces that work with your event theme.  It could be a funky vase to add to wedding tables or lighting options to create ambiance at your events.



5. Keep it Neutral

2019 is all about adding some class and style to your events.  Neutrals are back with avengence.  Injecting your wedding with classy beiges and whites are on trend this year.  Keep it all simple and romantic.  Soft tones and warm colours are all the rage this year.  

Corporate events will be all about keeping things nice and clean with their brand being the pop of colour at their events.  Parties will create a feel of ambiance and vibe by using easy and neutrals to create comfy corners.


6. Centrepiece Features

So whilst it is all about neutral colours, there is still a big place in 2019 for creating unique centrepieces that pop.  Find a different flower arrangement, barrel barstools, unique lighting options to feature at your event.

Ambiance lighting is huge this year with flickering candles displaying colourful patterns on walls and table finishings.  Or if candles don’t suit your event, how about some funky luminous furniture.  Think lighting options floating around the pool or illuminated seating outside. Romantic and classy! 

There is definitely lots to consider this year and it’s the perfect time to start scoping out items for those different centrepieces, apps and lighting options.  Don’t forget that your event location can make all the difference.  If you need some help or advice, why not have a chat to our event planners for some great tips.  We have got your covered in 2019!

Call us on 1300 475 164 and lock in some fabulous event accessories today. 

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