Wedding Tent with Deco and Accessories


Its not everyday we get to celebrate our wedding day! But it certainly can be very stressful planning all the details to make our event an unforgettable experience. Its the nostalgia and anticipation of formalising a union with our soulmates…Yikes! Talk about pressure!

So just like our favourite cliche fairytales, we want our wedding to be as special as our union. Right….?  We want a cohesive day that captures our unique journey of love and friendship together.  But its such a daunting and impossible task!  How can we expect to achieve so much in one day?

And that’s why planning our special day takes months of preparation.  So let me help simplify the process.  If your looking to create an outdoor wonderland then I am here to the rescue. So let’s start with the basics.

Select the date
The time of year you  choose for your wedding celebration will determine what type of outdoor venue you will need to consider.  `If you have chosen an outdoor wedding then you will have to accept that you are at the mercy of the weather’ says Claire Adu from Destination Wedding  Balmy and sultry conditions can be beautiful for a wedding but can be uncomfortable for your guests if they need to withstand the searing sunshine all day.  The same could be said for a winter wedding.  They can be cosy and intimate for your guests but cold and uncomfortable if your guests need to endure the cold for too long. The time of your event will help determine the type of venue that you will need, to create your whimsical wedding just like Kaitlyn and Rob did.


How much do you want to spend?

Your date will then narrow down your options for venues, locations and guest numbers.  Of course, whilst this is probably the worst part of planning your event because of the restrictions it places on your special event, it is also the most rewarding.  Getting a package deal that helps you get what you want at a fraction of the cost is so fulfilling.  Start with a list of locations that you want and then work through them to eliminate the places which don’t work with your budget.

There is so many ideas to choose from; a laid back ceremony, an intimate backyard gathering, an elegant and intimate night, a beach affair, a huge or formal sit down dinner.

How about an outdoor garden, vineyard or beach location set under one of our very sleek, majestic and elegant freeform stretch marquees to create a air of sophistication, elegance and ambience.  Their design and modular structure are so popular with our wedding clients because of their adaptability, curves and height. They are perfect for weathering your guests from unpredictable elements; from the searing hot sun to the gloom and wet of the rain.


Accessories your gorgeous venue with flowers, table centrepieces, chair covers and ribbons to tie your colour theme and style throughout your venue to your dress and wedding style. It’s like the icing on the cake.  It will add the wow factor to your event.  Of course if your event is in winter, then it’s probably wise to add some heating options with many outdoor venues including our freeform stretch tents allowing for the use of heating options. You are only limited by your imagination!

Easy enough it seems.. and why shouldn’t it be????

Whatever you choose for your wedding celebration, make sure your outdoor event pops! It’s the perfect reason to make a memorable statement.

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