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Its so hard to pinpoint why a certain event had such a vibe and ambience about it that made everyone buzzed.  “One of the crucial factors in holding a successful event is to achieve the ‘perfect atmosphere’ which enables your guests to relax, interact with one another and enjoy the event’s proceedings.” says Alistair Robertson in an article on Event Manager Blog.

There is certainly many combined factors involved in creating the right feel at your special event, birthday party, festival or wedding.  Its extremely beneficial to place yourself in the shoes of your guests and planning to entrance and dazzle your guests.

Location, location, location!

First of all, finding the right venue and location can make all the difference.  Its the first impression that your guests will first see.  That may start with a prestigious venue name on your wedding or party invitations; to the exotic location of your event.  Its one of the most important choices when preparing for your event.

Spacing at your event can also be an important factor to consider when choosing your venue.  No one likes to feel like a bunch of sardines sandwiched in a crammed area.  Make sure you take into account space for dance floor, tables and chairs for guests, food preparation space and DJ.

Make sure you consider the required facilities for your event.  If you are planning a festival, you need to be able to have a well positioned stage area with a main focus on the stage.  You also need to consider access to power for lighting, microphone or projectors that may be needed for your event.

Consideration needs to be made for distance from public transport if the venue is for a public event, distance from the airport for a conference and parking location for guests coming from far and wide.

Light It Up Baby!

We all have been to a place where insufficient lighting or too much lighting ruined our experience, whether it was at a restaurant or a bar.  Getting the lighting right for your specific event is crucial to making a lasting impression on your guests.

There is so much lighting options to choose from.  Bedouin Tents have some great inflatable lights that can be illuminated for a unique and different statement grabber at a corporate or premium function.  Fairy lights can be romantic and dazzling when used in an open style venue such as one of Bedouin Tent’s freeform stretch marquees, adding a whimsical feel at a wedding.  Strobe lighting will illuminate and accentuate a stage at a music or food festival.  Branding roadshows will create an interest in their products by using animated videos or a presentation at a 21st birthday party.

Music Makes The World Go Around

Now we are focusing on our storytelling at our event.  Music helps to transport your guests to your event.  Of course the type and style of music will depend on the event that you are organising but if music is not a main part of your event, you need to choose music that will suit all tastes.

Calm classical music is a neutral option that will suit all tastes and create an elegant and inviting atmosphere for your guests.

Check out this great article that captures the importance of different forms of audio or media here.

Accessorise Your Event For Success

It all starts with the venue.  If you are using one of our freeform stretch tents, colour of the fabric is key and sets the tone for the decor inside your tent.  If you are using one of our inflatable structures, illumination colouring is going to highlight your event at night for maximum impact.

Consider fabric draping inside the venue or tent to soften and hide poles or ceilings.  It looks fantastic for special events such as weddings or birthdays.

Decorations on tables and chairs can add style and sophistication to the room.  Consider candles, table centrepieces, tealights, floral arrangements or table and chair coverings.  Matching your decor with your event colouring and event theme is important to adding those finer details to any outfit.

In conclusion, we all want to create an event that is the talk of the town so make sure you tell your story well through careful consideration and planning of your location choice, lighting, music and decor options.

Speak to one of our experienced and friendly staff at Bedouin Tents who would love to take the stress out of planning your next special event.  We have an amazing and unique range of tents, inflatables, lighting and decor options to choose from.

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