The Bar Mitzvah is a big affair in the life of a jewish family.  It’s as big as a wedding celebration as it signifies a milestone in a young boy’s life.  It’s the celebration of a new beginning ; a coming of age for a boy of 13 years old.

Therefore just like a wedding, it requires the same consideration, attention and celebration of a wedding event.

You need to consider all aspects as everyone that you have valued in your life will be invited to this event.

Invite List

Clients love using our stretch marquees at their Bar Mitzvah’s because they can cater to so many people at one time.  Because there is lots of family and friends invited to help celebrate, many of our clients hold their Bar Mitzvah at home in their backyard. It creates a sense of intimacy at the event.

Our stretch marquees work so well for these backyard events as they can be manipulated to erect anywhere; from balconies, banisters, pegged to the grass or to be manipulated around trees.  

They are a quick solution to extending your outdoor space by providing shelter for your guests whilst creating a sophisticated and grand ambiance. You may want to check out our gallery that showcases some of these unique setups that we have done with our stretch tents. 

White Backyard Tent

Elegance and Style

Welcome your son’s adulthood in style by making sure you have the right accessories for your celebration.  Choose something unique, elegant and sophisticated.  Don’t forget to accessorise your tent with lovely twinkling fairy lights, festoons or table lights if your event is extending through the night.  Whilst accessories are the finishing touches that you make to an event, they are always the details that your guests will remember.  We have clients who spend just as much time choosing from our gorgeous rugs and tables to bring the whole event together.

Ceremonial traditions

Ensure you have enough space planned for the ceremonial traditions at a Bar Mitzvah.  There is speeches that need to be made and an area for gifts to be placed.  

There is also usually the buffet tables that need some planning and space so don’t forget to factor these into your layout.  We would always suggest that you make a plan of the layout of your event to map out what you will need and how you are catering for this in the space you have.  It also helps you to imagine the vibe of the event. 

Wedding stretch tentCheck out our size guide here to help you choose the right size tent for your event. 

We understand that Bar Mitzvahs can be as overwhelming as planning a wedding so if you need some help, give our experienced event organisers a call and they can walk you through what you need to consider.

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