Sizing of a Freeform Stretch Tent


Who says that size does not matter?  It definitely does when we are talking about a beautiful and majestic freeform stretch tent for an elegant and grand wedding or a branded tent for a corporate VIP event at the races.  Or how about an eye catching, illuminated inflatable marquee that can be seen from anywhere at night. Whatever the style of event that you are planning, it is important to consider the size of your structure before you get started.  Besides, this is the attention grabber for your event and you want to make sure that your guests feel invited and compelled to join in the fun.

Define your event

Stretch Tent installation

Rooftop Stretch Tent event

Will your guests be coming to a cocktail party, a sit down dinner or a dance party?  The type of event that you are hosting is going to determine a suitable structure for the day or night.   If the event is a private affair for invitees only, say in a vineyard or a garden then why not consider our freeform stretch tents which are perfect for creating elegance and romance.  A corporate branding event open to the public may want to consider a branded inflatable dome or cube to stand out from the crowds or a clear span piccolo pod in bright colours to add a pop of colour and pazzazz to their event.   Whereas a festival or market event may require stage covers and stretch marquees scattered all over the venue to host different programmed events.  Finally, the stretch tents are perfect in a backyard party setting for a 21st birthday or a Bar Mitzvah because their modular design can be erected in difficult and unusual locations.



Create the right design to match

Stretch Tent Sizing Guide

Bedouin Stretch Tents Sizing Guide

Our different structures are designed to accommodate different locations and requirements but our most popular, Bedouin Tents are the most versatile of all our tents.  The adaptable design of the freeform stretch tents make them so easy to alter and personalise to accommodate the space requirements.  The bedouin design adds class and ambience to any special occasion and can accommodate the needs of any event.  If it is raining or if you want to create an intimate and private occasion, the sides can so easily be pegged down.

Our inflatable structures are also highly customisable and can be made to order with full branding and customisation as required.   These eye popping structures are designed to invite and inspire customers to experience your brand and showcase your products in a very intimate and unique setting.  Take the great works of the Amelie accessories launch which set up an inflatable cube in the middle of Martin Place, Sydney to grab attention.  It was set up with a huge handbag doorway which showed off their wares perfectly.                                                                                                   Certainly a structure that was hard to walk past!



Event needs to be considered

Dining table under Stretch Tent

Defining the space under your structure

Don’t forget to allow room to incorporate dance floors, buffet tables, stages and a walk through.  This is where the detailed planning of your events makes such a difference.  Choosing the right lighting, flooring, placement of tables, chairs and other event needs is crucial to the success of your event.  Bigger is better in most situations so always allow for more rather then less room inside your structure.

Unfortunately there is no easy formula to work out the exact spacing of a structure but because our Bedouin Tents staff have many years of experience catering for large and small events for our customers, we are sure that our experienced and friendly staff can assist you choose the perfect structure for your event.

Give us a call today and ease the stress of choosing the right size structure for your event.

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